Dog’s Dinners


This menu was been approved by Miss ‘Fifi Mae’ The Georgia Peach.
Fifi Mae is definitely The Podymore Inns’ Princess and will happily welcome everyone with a precious smile or even a lick or two!

All well behaved, people and dog friendly, fur babies are welcome inside and outside of the pub.  We kindly ask ALL fur baby owners to please pick up after your baby(s) while out in the designated fur baby area (see signs).  Supplies are available upon request.   As Tony & Tam are fur baby lovers…some patrons may not be…please keep them with you at all times and on a leash.

Fifi Mae’s MENU


2 Fishy Treats

MAIN COURSE: ( prices include starters and desserts)

  • Gluten free lamb and rice kibble
  • Small Dog portion   £1.50 per dog
  • Medium Dog portion  £2.00 per dog
  • Large Dog portion £2.50 per dog


3 Dog Choc Drops


Unlimited tap water