24th, April 2017


The story goes………

podymoreThe pub was up for sale and standing empty. A regular local went to a car boot sale only to find The Podymore Inn frog sign up for grabs.

Such was his fondness for said sign (and assumedly frogs) he bought it and hung it back in its rightful place outside the pub.

When we bought the pub, inspired by this chap’s loyalty, we settled on the theme of turning The Podymore Inn frog into a prince.

This involved changing just about everything (apart from the sign). The interior décor, the kitchen, paved patio, loos, conference room/private function room are all new. Free Wi Fi connectivity is now in place.

Having said that we have kept the basic layout and architectural features which date back to 1871.

As for food we’ve kept our menu simple trusting in fresh, local, quality ingredients. And a self taught Chef who’s worked with us for years and simply loves cooking and producing honest, robust, rustic food.

It will come as no surprise frog’s legs are not on the menu.